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pornshopgirl, aka PSG, is a pretty rad gal. She’s in her twenties and works in a store that sells porn and sex toys, and she thinks it’s awesome enough to tell you about in this here bloggin’ thang.

Likes: pasta, the internet, llamas, reading porn synopses, honeysuckle perfume, music, pillows, hugs.

Dislikes: peas, ignorant dickbags, physics, creepers, your face (BURN)

She’s not gonna tell you where she lives, or the name of her store, or the names of anyone who enters the store, so don’t ask. She WILL, however, tell you all about it in a pretty amusing, rambling, free-form way.  PSG’s also gonna stop talking in the third person ‘cos it’s getting old REAL quick.

Oh, and yes, she’ll be able to recommend a good lube for that.


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